Our proven process achieves results

While data can reduce costs, optimize production, and increase sales, its full power is only seen when you harness it to transform your value chain. We approach each project with our proven data-driven process.


1. Data & Insight

Your data tells a story that reveals latent inefficiencies and hidden gaps. We clean and normalize your data. Then we visualize insights so you can focus with confidence.


2. Strategy Formation

Strategy separates incremental change from breakthrough results. We take our clients beyond analysis to synthesize comprehensive solutions that create a winning edge.


3. Tactics & Execution

The best businesses master the details to succeed. From pricing and distribution to supply chain logistics and manufacturing, we harness your data to optimize your business.


4. Manage by Metrics

What gets measured, gets managed. We help our clients and partners develop key performance indicators. We help you adapt and change to stay on target.

Our best practices gather data & transform it to create insight

Collect & Clean

Real world data is dirty, fragmented, and incomplete. We gather and clean the data you have to fix errors and extract latent facts. Then we develop the data you’re missing using public records, syndicated data, commissioned polls, market surveys, interviews & more.

Normalize & Combine

Data is everywhere. It’s created with every click, email, payment, call, and keystroke. But the software that creates and stores it speak different languages. We create schemas, taxonomies, and categories to combine and normalize your data. The result? Order from chaos.

Visualize to See

Every dataset has a shape and that shape reveals a lot about the forces and entities in the real world it represents. After your data has been developed for analysis, we chart it to see its shape and begin to reveal gaps and identify opportunities.

Analyze & Test

Charts and statistics help you see. What really matters, however, is what they mean. For every data observation, there is usually more than one possible explanation. We repeatedly formulate and test hypotheses until hunches become insights.

We remove the mystery from strategy

Strategy is often referenced but little understood. It isn’t vague aspirations. Aspirations alone accomplish little. Nor is it a highly detailed plan. Details obscure fundamentals. We believe strategy is the result of deliberate choices you make that create a winning edge. We’ll show you how strategy can be a repeatable process, informed by data, capable of astounding results. Review our case studies to see examples.


Development & execution / metrics

Strategy is only as good as its implementation. We work with our clients & trusted partners to develop & launch the required tactics. We don’t make the tactics; we make the tactics better.